Meet Molly

Molly Alloy is a practicing studio artist and a design consultant specializing in color.  

Born and raised in St. Louis, MO, Molly made her home in Portland, OR in 2008.  She earned her bachelor’s in Studio Art at Skidmore College in upstate New York and her Master of Fine Art at Portland's Pacific Northwest College of Art in 2018.

Molly’s installations, sculptures, and drawings have been exhibited locally and nationally, and she is continually creating new work. A conscientious community member, Molly has partnered with community organizations like Self Enhancement, Inc, Know Your City, Oregon Queer Youth Summit, PCUN, Adelante Mujeres and others.

Molly’s active participation in the fine art community informs her unique aesthetic perspective, and she approaches color design as a creative collaboration with the client. She will walk you through the selection process, serving as teacher, guide and mediator as needed, so that you can feel confident you have a selection and arrangement of color that truly suits you and your space.


Color Consulting FAQ:

What exactly happens during the consultation?

I will arrive with a color kit containing a fan deck as well as larger color swatches.  We’ll chat a bit so you can catch me up on your project and show me the areas for which we’ll be selecting colors.  Depending on your needs, I may introduce some basic color principals and language so that we can have clear communication, and we will begin to look at a variety of color options.  Once we have some contenders, we’ll move around the space and evaluate the colors in place.  I’ll be explaining what we are seeing and getting to know your preferences as we go. 

How do I prepare for your visit?

Whether you have a really clear vision of what you want or no idea whatsoever, we’ll be able to work effectively.  If there are inspirations or examples that inspire you, I always enjoy seeing those. If your space is under construction, the best time for color selection is once the flooring and other materials, such as counters and cabinets, have been installed.  If they have not, having physical samples on hand is important.  Other than that, just rest easy knowing help is on the way!

What will you leave with me when we’re done?

Once all of the colors have been finalized we will determine their exact layout- I will draw diagrams if needed- and I will put all of that information into an easy-to-follow form for you to keep.  I will ensure this information is sufficiently detailed that your painter can use it to get right to work, if applicable.  Depending on your paint brand preference, I may also be able to leave you with swatches of all colors selected.

Design Offerings and Rates:

Commercial Property Color Specification Package

For larger, commercial buildings, interior or exterior


  • On-site meeting (or comparable remote communications)

  • Complete color scheme (up to about 5 colors)

  • Alternate scheme (up to about 3 alternate colors)

  • Complete color layout

  • Documentation of selections and layout, with 3”x4” swatches of all colors

                $300 per property


Home Color Specification Package

For homes and small offices, interior and/or exterior


  • Two-hour meeting on location

  • Complete color scheme (3-5 interior rooms or an exterior scheme of 3-5 colors)

  • Alternate color options (alternates for up to 3 selections)

  • Color layout notes (application of trim and accent colors, for example)

  • Documentation of selections with 3”x4” swatches of all colors

  • Available as a Gift Certificate with gift box and bonus present!

                $200 per consultation

Valued Neighbor Discounts

For those of you who hold our histories and our communities together. 

Been in your home:  

                10 + years, get 25% off the Home Color Specification Package

                20 + years, get 50% off the Home Color Specification Package

                40 + years, the Home Color Specification Package is free to you!!

Hourly Design Consultation

For larger projects, or for multi-faceted jobs, I offer design consulting at an hourly rate.  This can include, but is not limited to, color specification and layouts, and floor plan or hardscaping concepts.  Services will be rendered on site, according to your needs and timeframes, with payments collected on a rolling basis.

                $125 per hour


Design and Fabrication

Projects with defined deliverables, including but not limited to complete deck or furniture designs, complete artist-designed color schemes, and decorative sculptures or wall art, will be taken on an individual basis.  Timeline, deliverables, costs, and payment parameters will be agreed upon in the bidding process.

              Bid per project

Fine Art

My fine art endeavors are created on an ongoing basis as only inspiration dictates, and are available for sale and/or exhibition as applicable.  I’m always up to something new in my fine art work, including collaborative and community projects wherever possible, so check out the art pages here on my site, and please don’t hesitate to ask for more information!

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