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Animal Body Closing Extravaganza!!!

Join us on July 7th for an extravagant multi-media closing party, as Molly Alloy joins forces with visionary musician Sweetie Lynne Piper and the crew of the nations longest running queer literary journal, Gertrude Press, to bring you a dynamic evening of musical, literary, and fine art. You’ll enjoy raucous live music, literary readings, public participation, a live auctioneer, a keg of beer, and so much more!

Sweetie Lynne Piper is a Portland-based songwriter and vocalist. Using her voice as a tour guide to realms outside our social paradigm, she beckons us deeper to explore our secret truths. Riding currents of transformation she sings songs of the heart trying to heal. Lynne speaks with a voice uniquely her own, pulling threads that remind us of shared human experience. http://sweetielynnepiper.bandcamp.com

Gertrude Press is a non-profit organization showcasing and developing the creative talents of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer-identified, and allied individuals. The organization’s bi- annual publication, Gertrude, founded in 1999, is the longest consecutively printed LGBTQA journal, providing a positive forum for individuals to share their stories, poetry, and art without limitation on subject matter or background. The journal maintains a contemporary focus that is encompasses all areas of life—from the mundane to the exotic. http://www.gertrudepress.org

Thanks to event sponsors, Green Zebra, Cupcake Jones, and Ninkasi Brewing!

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Animal Body Opening Reception
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Animal Body Opening Reception

HOWARD Presents:
Animal Body: New work by Molly Alloy
at the Red E Cafe Gallery
1006 N Killingsworth Ave., Portland, OR 97217
Opening reception: June 11, 2015 7-10pm

The Red E Cafe continues to bring daring fine art to a coffeehouse setting with this audacious collection of new works by local artist Molly Alloy. The work will be available for viewing during all cafe hours from June 10th to July 8th, 2015 with a 2nd Thursday opening reception on June 11th.

The Animal Body collection began when severe illness and a radical hysterectomy provoked new insight into her early childhood sexual trauma, re-contextualizing Molly’s identities around gender and sexuality. The result is a series of bawdy, nonsensical self-portraiture rendered in vividly colorful collages of personal narrative. The works are grounded in an exploration of the deep knowledge held in the physical self, or ‘animal body’.

“I approached this work with no judgement, and no filter... the result is incredibly colorful- in more ways than one!” - Molly Alloy

This collection creates a context for difficult themes that is unapologetic, optimistic and empowering, welcoming the viewer to a space where richly colored unicorns, giant dildos and ailing female forms are as intermingled as grief and joy and determination; where there is room for whatever subjects or experiences may arise from them.

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